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As a senior who still works full time, aging gracefully is not yet a primary objective.  That said, it is an important reality to be considered.  Having a very busy day at a full time job with the 60 mile round trip daily drive gives more cause to gratitude and blessing by God that it is still happening rather than reflection.  Nevertheless, I have been observing my peers closely and cautiously look to see how I will react to retirement and the changes it will bring.

What an incredible ride life is.  Imagine your life as a magnificent movie where you are the star.  You are the main character and you contributed t0 the script.  As I begin to see my responsibilities ease, i.e., children raised, no college tuition et al, I do think of all the decisions that preceded this day and visualize what could have been.l  BUT, I always come back to being grateful for every occurence, even the tough ones.

So looking forward, how do we cope with the exigencies of growing old.  I know far too many of my peers who just complain: “My children don’t pay enough attention to me”; My children baby me”; “the government is not generous enough with medicare, etc” and so forth.  I don’t know what I will find but I have spent my life KNOWING that God will take care of me and that He never gives me any hardship for which HE has not given me the strength.  I hope I will be graceful and fair–to children and government.  Most of all, I hope I never EXPECT anything from anyone but myself.  If they give me help and solace, I will praise them to our creator.  If they fail to do so, it will be between Him and them.


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